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January 31, 2015


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January 15, 2015

I dreamed of coming home to this!

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I dreamed of coming home to this!

The story is that the little boy has been dreaming of having his own motorbike.  When he gets home he finds exactly what he wants parked outside.  In his excitement he almost believes it is for him.  It’s probably his brother’s!

November 24, 2014


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November 22, 2014


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I’d use the corners like this, but then that’s me…….

Dublin (Just Now)

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November 15, 2014


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Hanging Out to Dry

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Hanging Out to Dry

Focus Stacking

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On the RPS website a member posted a focus stacked image of chestnuts.

Mark’s Chestnuts inspired me. I dug out my Macro lens. Just a note here, I could not recall the last time I used it and it has never been on my current camera.
I nicked a flower off the hanging basket by the front door, just for a 3D subject.
I put the flower on a piece of card, on a box, on a chair on my landing. I put the camera on a tripod in the loo as that has a wooden floor and I didn’t want the camera to move.
I set the camera up on live view where the rear screen becomes the shutter release, no need to push and risk moving the tripod. Initially I got some masking tape to mark the focusing ring with the focus points of the two ends of the subject so I could I could focus through the subject without too much bother. That didn’t work as the Ultrasonic Motor doesn’t move the lens consistently. I therefore had to look through the viewfinder and focus through the subject. Half way through the sun went in and the lighting changed on the landing. I therefore manually adjusted the exposure for each image in ACR to make the top right hand corner of the card the same RGB readings!
Then I had to watch a couple of videos on how to get the images into a layer stack, align them and then merge them.

Given this was my first ever attempt I reckon I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed the process. So thank you Mark and your chestnuts!





November 11, 2014

Windows excel

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November 9, 2014

Going Over

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Going Over

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