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June 5, 2015


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DSC_7566_v2This was a snap shot of my grandson, taken at f1.4 without flash. I know that it’s not the sharpest image but I love the pose. However somebody has commented that the dark colour of the inside of his nose is distracting, any idea’s on how I can lighten it. I tried ‘dodging’ but it looked wierd


May 21, 2014

Looking at me looking at you

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November 14, 2013

The Floor Cleaner

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does this need cropping and/or anything else?


Don’t be afraid to use levels and end up with over exposed or bright areas. You can bring them back with a mask and going back to the original in the bright areas.

July 16, 2013

Method Two

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OK this is another method.
I created an adjustment layer for levels.
I adjusted the mid point to about 0.5 (normally 1), this darkens the image a lot but I’m only looking at the bright leaves to see what they are doing. I drop a black fill into the mask, the image returns to ‘normal’.
I then take a white brush and paint on the mask over the leaves. I want something a bit more subtle for the main leaf so I set the foreground colour to 50% and paint that on the main leaf. This is a bodge trick, it should be done in a different layer.

Geoff Munsey has a darken/lighten method which he successfully taught to Brian Hills and a few others, he failed to teach me. This looks like a good image to apply that method. I will try and learn it for you.

Don’t worry if you cannot follow this, it is better to be taught 1:1 🙂


Method One

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OK. This is how I did this. You have to decide if it works or if it is a technique you could vary to suit.

I picked up a light green off the image with the dropper. I created a new layer and filled it using the bucket with the light green.
I changed the layer mode from Normal to Darken.
This looked horrible.
I turned Opacity down to 66% when it looked less bad.
I added a mask to that layer using the washing machine logo at the bottom.
I used a black brush on the mask to ensure the body of the damsel fly didn’t show green. I also used a the edge of a large fuzzy brush to tickle the main leaf to bring back the texture in the leaf.
I can email you the PSD if you would like it.

Damsell Fly (not very original!)

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Damsell Fly (not very original!)

1st blog, don’t be too harsh please

Should I crop this image more and what do I do about the bits that are too light?

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